John Carter

Mar 17, 2012 Author Guy

Okay, I don’t see what all the fucking fuss is bout. I liked the movie myself. Everyone is saying that is bombed at the box office but I really liked it. I guess it is all about what genre of movies you really like. If you like a lot of science fiction then you will love it, but if you are only so so into sci fi then you probably wont. I have always been fascinated with science fiction, even when I was a little kid. I read ever sci fi book I could get my hands on and watched every TV show that had something to do with outer space as well.

I would like to think that there is more out there than dead space and dead planets. It is an endless universe after all and we cannot possibly be all that there is when it comes to sentient life. I guess I will probably never know myself, but I can hope that one day my descendants will find out. I hope that space travel becomes a reality and not just a dream. Until then however, I will keep dreaming and watching every sci fi movie and TV show that I can find.

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