Checking Out New Plugins

Jul 9, 2013 Author Guy

Since bloggers don’t have to learn HTML programming to write their blogs, there are a lot of special gadgets and effects that we want but don’t know how to write the code to do it. So people have been writing plugins that do a certain kind of task, and all you have to do is activate them to get them working.

There is a repository for all the free plugins on the web site. Last time I looked there were about 4,000 plugins. So you have to search for exactly what you want and then evaluate the handful that come up to see which one meets your needs.

I’ve been shopping the repository for about 2 months and looking for a shopping cart/catalog type of plugin. There are a dozen listed, but none of them look like they do what I need. I’m getting frustrated.

I have a buddy that makes custom printed tee shirts and he wants to sell them online. Of course, I volunteered to help him with his web site and we ended up making it on the WordPress platform. The plugins have shopping cart features, but I want to show each shirt in a particular design and then let people choose what size they want. The plugins that I’ve seen make you enter each size as its own item, which is way too many items to show in a list. I haven’t figured out how to make one design as an item and then sizes be just a variable. Argh!

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