Do You Remember Not Pumping Your Own Gas?

Jan 11, 2018 Author Guy

Here is one for the “you learn something new every day file.” When I first starting seeing all the posts on social media about Oregon passing a law to allow self service gas stations, I thought it was a big joke. I can barely remember the good old days of full service gas stations. It seems like I have been pumping my own gas for decades. I laughed at the comments from people on Facebook such as, “I don’t even know how to pump gas and I’m 62!” I had no idea some states still have full service gas stations, so I decided to dig a little deeper into the subject.

Oregon has just passed a law effective 1-1-18 allowing counties with 40,000 or fewer residents to have self service gas stations. Back in 1951, they had passed the law allowing only full service gas stations because of the fire hazards associated with dispensing fuel. They did not trust people to pump their own gas and thought it should remain in the hands of professionals.

It turns out, it’s not only Oregon. In 1949, a law was passed in New Jersey for the same reason. So there have been two states in the country that have only full service gas stations. I had no idea!

In New Jersey, motorists can be fined just for touching the pump! The only down side to this, I am hearing, is that it is often a long wait at the pump, especially if you pay cash and need to wait for change.

So, this is what I learned today!

My Weekend’s Busted Plans

Oct 23, 2017 Author Guy

Well, I had such an amazing weekend planned, but it was a total bust. Wanted to go do the local Fall Festival and enjoy the food and atmosphere, but alas, I was called into work to take care of an emergency that came up. The usual weekend “on-call” person had already left town due to a family crisis and not available. Now I had to miss all that yummy food and fun. It was not my idea of a good weekend. I spent all of my time indoors trying to fix someone’s colossal screw up.

On the plus side, my paycheck is going to be really good and make me very happy when I see it. Time and a half for one day and double for the next, makes up for some of what I missed. Now I can put the money to go do something at a later date and not worry if I am spending too much. I mean let’s face it, in today’s economy we all have to watch what we spend and budget our money responsibly. I feel fortunate that I have a decent job, when so many do not and have to work two or more to get by. I know I will find another festival or something later on. One of the great things about living here is that there is always something fun to do on the weekends!

Car Show Plans

Jan 9, 2017 Author Guy

The biggest car show of the year is coming up and I cannot wait to go see it. I love the sight, sounds and smells of the classic and antique cars that you see there. Roadsters, ragtops, muscle cars and more, there is a car there for everybody. The oldest ones, like the Model T’s are just amazing to see running and all shiny like they just came off the lot a hundred years ago.

My favorites are the roadsters and muscle cars, but the most awesome ones are the combinations. Those are really cool. There is always at least one person who will come in driving a vintage car or truck pulling an equally vintage camper. Usually they are really retro and so fun to look around. The amount of money people put into these vehicles is unbelievable.

I would love to restore an old vehicle myself, but I cannot decide which I should choose. Also, I have to look around and see what kind of deal I can get for an old car. They tend to be really expensive. At least they are if they have any work done to them. If you start from scratch it costs less to buy the car but takes a LOT of work to finish. I will keep my eyes open and when the right one comes along, I will know it right away.

Christmas Commercials

Dec 19, 2016 Author Guy

he TV commercials for Christmas items stared mid-October and are now in high gear with Christmas Eve only a few days away. This year Christmas Eve is a Saturday night, with Christmas itself on Sunday. I am hoping that the weekend holiday will mean that more people will be able to see family and celebrate together without many people having to miss their regular work days.

Missing time from work for a holiday can be a burden for some people who only earn hourly wages and are desperate for enough hours each week to make a full paycheck. Having the holiday fall on the weekend also means that more people will be able to shop for last minute gifts without having to take time off from work.

Some of the Christmas commercials are for toys for the kids. Those usually air on the kids’ cable channels like Disney and the Cartoon Network. The daytime major networks are running a lot of clothing and household goods for the women. To be honest, I have not seen many commercials targeted toward men, although they might have some running on the SpikeTV network. I don’t usually watch that cable channel so I don’t know for sure.

The TV commercials that really slay me are all the ones for automobiles. It seems to me that only a small percentage of wealthy Americans can ever consider buying a car as a gift for the spouse. Most family budgets top out at a couple hundred dollars for the spouse, not $50 Grand. And, in my own opinion, I think a car would be a cheesy gift. You should buy a car when you need or want one – not as a Christmas gift. The same philosophy for engagement rings. I think guys who use Christmas as an excuse to buy her a diamond ring are lame. They should propose on a separate occasion and buy a thoughtful gift for Christmas. Sure, buy her jewelry if you want, but an engagement ring should be gifted for its own sake.

Card Games and Board Games

Jan 14, 2014 Author Guy

Back when I was a kid, we played card games every weekend. It was a family thing. There were standard rules for a variety of card games and what we played often depended on how many other kids or grownups were interesting in playing with you. If only two people were going to play, that meant War or Spit or Cribbage and sometimes two handed Pinochle.

If three people wanted to play, that opened up a whole bunch of other games, like Spoons or Canasta. There are three player versions of a lot of games, too, like Rummy.

But the real fun started when we had four people – that’s when we played Hearts or Spades or Euchre or Pinochle or Rummy or Pennies from Heaven…. We also played a game called Red Dog, which was solitaire with others. That’s the only way I can describe. It is a fast paced game where everyone has their own deck of cards but you can play off what other people put in the middle.

Sometimes we wold get out the board games instead of cards. The Monopoly games always went on for hours – those were usually played in the winter when it was too cold to go outside and play. I always like the game Clue, but it was hard to find other family to play with me because I almost always won. LOL